May 7, 2015



HOTBOX Storage launch their new HB-two product. Ginger are proud to be part of developing the new brand and marketing material for the bright, light and personal, portable storage unit for the agile worker.

HB-two offers the most effective portable storage unit designed to let you personalise a shared work environment with your own personal style.

Following the success of HB-one, product designer Jamie Rothwell wanted to introduce a less corporate storage unit, he found that ‘it was apparent from our research that the competitive products that followed HB-one did not embrace the need for storage with easily accessible compartments, or the increasing desire for workers in shared areas to have a personal workspace identity.’ At the same time as Jamie was conducting his research, interior designer Rachel Forster had been approached by a client to look at the whole concept of creating individualised units to cope with day-to-day desk clutter, laptops, tablets and files.

Learning of HOTBOX Storage’s pioneering work in the sector, Rachel met Jamie and they combined their skills to develop the first truly individual, personalised portable storage unit.

It has taken a year of research and development, testing concepts with the staff of major international corporations, to fine-tune the design.

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